“Young” Real Estate Agent Recognises Importance of Virtual Tours

Ben Young of Nicholl and Young is new to the real estate game (he’s been practicing for 3 months), but he’s already realising the potential of virtual tours to make a huge difference to his…

Ben Young of Nicholl and Young is new to the real estate game (he’s been practicing for 3 months), but he’s already realising the potential of virtual tours to make a huge difference to his vendors, generating record sales and delighting buyers and sellers.

We sat down with Ben to learn more about how he’s integrating Matterport virtual tours into his sales process and winning more listings as a result.

LH: How have you been using virtual tours to date?

BY: I’ve used it for three properties so far, after Jordan from the Little Hinges team reached out to me and offered to walk me through the virtual tours process. Since then we’ve used Little Hinges for two additional tours, one of which was bought via a sight unseen offer from Sydney.

LH: Why did you decide to add virtual tours to your marketing activity?

BY: I’m new to real estate, but I know that for clients who really get it, $299 is nothing when you look at the increase in sale price you’re potentially able to generate. I looked through the Little Hinges example tours and was super impressed – it was a no brainer.

LH: How has your marketing changed since adding virtual tours?

BY: We’re in the process of rolling out to a lot more properties but the tours have been a godsend. For one of our properties, we didn’t have a floor plan and needed one ASAP.

“When you look at the cost of a floor plan on its own from another vendor and then you look at the cost of a Little Hinges tour, it makes sense to get a tour, photos AND a floor plan all in one.”

LH: What made you choose Little Hinges?

BY: I used to be a school teacher and one of the kids I used to teach showed up to do my tour! Aside from the ease of booking, personal touch and great price point, it’s great to be able to support local business. I love the level of service, I can easily call Gabi and book a tour in minutes.

LH: How have your results improved since using virtual tours?

BY: We’ve had one property sell sight unseen to a southern buyer, and I think you’d be crazy not to add it to your marketing mix.

We had one property that was inspected by a family member for a buyer down south and their feedback was, “the virtual tour is just like you’re walking through the house. It’s amazing.”

Certainly it’s made our buyers feel more confident and vendors love how interactive they are.

LH: What do you say to vendors to get them excited about adding virtual tours to their marketing mix?

BY: We’ve added it to our marketing packages and tell our vendors about it at our listing presentations. I pull out my phone and show them a recent listing, telling vendors to click on the circles and off you go. They love it. Plus, sellers don’t want to miss out on southern buyers. It’s an easy sell and positions us as being at the top end of the market.

I think real estate agents who aren’t using virtual tours are missing a trick. We sold a property to a Sydney buyer for $2.2m when nobody locally had that kind of budget. If we hadn’t used the virtual tour, that would have been a lot harder sell – so the tours are making our jobs easier and resulting in happier vendors.

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