Virtual Staging

Digitally enhance your extracted images by adding modern furniture to make images appear more aesthetically appealing or to help tenants visualise the possibilities of a space

This is an add-on service.

Enhance Your Property Images with Virtual Staging

At Little Hinges, we offer an exceptional add-on service to digitally enhance your extracted property images. Our virtual staging solution adds modern furniture to make your images more aesthetically appealing and helps potential tenants visualize the possibilities of a space. Whether you want to showcase an empty room or replace existing furniture, our virtual staging service can transform your images into captivating visual representations.
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Virtual Staging Australia - Before Image - Living Room
Virtual Staging Australia - After Image - Living Room

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Explore the stunning transformations below.

Virtual Staging Australia - Before LoungeDining - Tooronga-Rd, Farmhouse Style
Virtual Staging Australia - After LoungeDining - Tooronga-Rd, Farmhouse Style
Virtual Staging Australia - Before Bedroom - 18-Cypress-Way
Virtual Staging Australia - After Bedroom - 18-Cypress-Way
Virtual Staging Australia | Patio Before Restaged | 9 Paloma St
Virtual Staging Australia | Patio After Restaged | 9 Paloma St
Virtual Staging Australia - Living Room - Before - 35 Robey St
Virtual Staging Australia - Living Room - After - 35 Robey St

Frequently asked questions

Discover the answers to your most asked questions about virtual property tours, Matterport tours, and how Little Hinges is revolutionising the way Australia inspects properties.

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  • What is virtual staging?

    Virtual staging is the savvy digital twist on traditional home staging. Instead of physically filling spaces with furniture and decor, we digitally enhance photos of vacant properties with stylish furniture, artwork, and greenery. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to present your property in its best light, captivating potential buyers and tenants. Unlike physical staging, virtual staging is much more affordable and scalable for property marketing.

  • How does virtual staging benefit my real estate listings?

    Virtual staging can make a property more appealing by showing how rooms might look with furniture and decor. It helps buyers & tenants visualise themselves living in the space, which can lead to quicker sales & shorter vacancies. Virtual staging is also a great way to bring your property images back to life by completely reimagining how the space looks & feels.

  • How long does Virtual Staging take?

    Our Virtual Staging addon service typically takes anywhere between 24-48 hours from extraction to completion. We aim to deliver your  assets in the next business day (or with your virtual tour assets as normal).

  • Can I request specific furniture styles or decor for virtual staging?

    Yes, you certainly can! We can stage the room according to your preferences, whether it’s modern, hamptons, or something in between. We aim to make your property shine in the best possible light.

  • What is a Matterport virtual tour?

    A Matterport virtual tour is a 3D immersive experience that lets potential buyers & tenants explore a property as if they were really there. It’s like an open house, but online and available 24/7.


Bring life to your listings' images with our Virtual Staging services

Transform your property images with our customizable virtual staging addon. Experience a range of styles to choose from, including Farm House, Modern Contemporary, Hamptons, and more.

  • Virtual Staging - Single

    Virtual Staging for a single room

    $35per room
  • Virtual Staging - 3 Room Bundle

    Virtual Staging for 3 rooms

  • Virtual Staging - 5 Room Bundle

    Virtual Staging for 5 rooms


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