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1,600+ of Australia’s best real estate agents are using Little Hinges' Matterport 3D Virtual Tours to increase their new listings by 74%*.

Why Use 3D Virtual Tours

Open Up To Every Buyer & Tenant

Adding a Virtual Tour to your listing creates maximum buyer and tenant exposure, helping you sell or lease faster and for more.

  • 300%

    more engagement with 3D virtual tours than photographs.


  • 74%

    of agents say they win more listings after using a virtual tour.


  • 1 in 4

    Australians inspect property outside the state they live in.

    Little Hinges Sight Unseen Report

  • 95%

    of people are more likely to call about a property with a virtual tour.


  • 3D Virtual Tours are a must have

    • Don’t wait until Saturday. Host Open Homes 24/7, allowing instant access to the property from anywhere in the world.
    • Win More Listings. 92% of home buyers search online before contacting an agent. Generate referrals by offering your vendors the highest price and fastest time to sale.
    • Get Instant Campaign Insights. Our dashboard gives you real-time virtual insights to tailor your IRL showings and share data with vendors.
    • Get a 403% increase in qualified leads. Focus on buyers who are already convinced that your listing is their ideal match.

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    About 3D Virtual Tours

    Why our Virtual Tours aren't just virtual tours...

    We combine world class Matterport 3D technology with our nationwide team of experts and our world-first analytics and insights portal.

    Little Hinges Insights Portal

    Key Benefits

    • They're the most detailed on the market, allowing potential buyers to visualise living in a space before they’ve ever walked through the door.
    • Get real-time access to visits, engagement, repeat visitors and share insights directly with your vendor.
    • 24 hour turnaround means you can get from ‘online’ to ‘outcome’ like never before.
    • We're real estate specialists and know how to bring a property’s value to life.


    Join 1,600+ of Australia's leading Real Estate Agencies

    We work with leading real estate agencies to help over 5 million people inspect property digitally per year. Since 2020, Little Hinges' has grown to become Australia's largest virtual inspection & property marketing provider.

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    Insights Portal Screenshot - Little Hinges
    Insights Portal Screenshot - Little Hinges

    Get campaign, buyer, and tenant insights like never before

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    Your scan has been delivered and your client is thrilled… so what’s next? Take it to the next level with our Insights Portal.  Turn data into real-time actionable insights that will wow your vendor even more, and get your listing sold faster, and for a higher price.


    Seemlessly integrate with leading real estate marketplaces

    Improve your agency's property listings with our virtual tours, designed for easy integration with Australia's leading real estate marketplaces.

    Frequently asked questions

    Discover the answers to your most asked questions about virtual property tours, Matterport tours, and how Little Hinges is revolutionising the way Australia inspects properties.

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    • What are the benefits of adding a virtual tour to a real estate listing?

      Adding a virtual tour gives your listing a significant advantage by allowing buyers and tenants to fully experience a property from anywhere. The 360° walkthrough, combined with high-quality photos and a floor plan, showcases a home’s features better than photos alone.

    • What type of properties can use a Matterport virtual tour?

      All types! From apartments and houses to commercial spaces, Matterport virtual tours are a fantastic way to showcase any property in an engaging and innovative manner.

    • What is a Matterport virtual tour?

      A Matterport virtual tour is a 3D immersive experience that lets potential buyers & tenants explore a property as if they were really there. It’s like an open house, but online and available 24/7.

    • How long does a scan take?

      Depending on the size of the property, our technicians typically require around 1-1.5hrs to complete a property scan.

    • Do i need to be at the property?

      No, you don’t have to be at the property. Most agents will either arrange for a key to be left for us, or meet us there to let us in and begin scanning.

    • Do you offer any add-ons?

      Yes, we offer a suite of optional add-ons including:

    • How long until we get our assets?

      Typically, you can expect next day delivery on your assets unless you have ordered an addon service such as Virtual Staging or Day-to-Dusk photo editing.

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    Powered by Matterport Pro 2 & 3 Cameras: The Tech Behind Our Virtual Tours

    Accurate to the millimetre: Our Measurement Tool

    Our Matterport Pro 2 Cameras come equipped with a precise measurement tool. This feature allows potential buyers or tenants to measure rooms, walls, or even furniture within the virtual space. It’s not just a tour; it’s a digital blueprint.

    See the Bigger Picture: Dollhouse & Floorplan Views

    Get a bird’s-eye view with our dollhouse and floorplan features. These views offer a unique perspective of the property layout, helping your clients understand the space in a single glance. It’s like holding the property in the palm of your hand.

    Make Data-Driven Decisions: Insights & Analytics

    What sets us apart is our Insights & Analytics portal. Track how visitors interact with your virtual tour, from the rooms they spend the most time in to the flow of traffic through the property. Use this data to tailor your marketing strategies and impress your vendors with real-time insights.

    Virtual Tour Camera Outside property - Littlle Hinges


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