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At Little Hinges, we’re so excited to unveil our latest innovation—a comprehensive new platform designed to transform the way real estate professionals like yourself market properties. Our new platform is simple, efficient, and packed with features designed to make your life easier. Let’s dive into what it offers and how it can elevate your real estate business.


Discover the ease of our new booking system – it’s more than just scheduling. It’s your one-stop solution for tailored marketing packages, perfect for both sales and rental agents. With just a few clicks, you can book complete service packages, including immersive 3D tours, stunning high-quality images, and custom marketing materials designed just for you.

Step 1: Pinpoint Your Property
Simply enter your property’s address, and we’ll take it from there. It’s the first step in turning your listing into an exciting 3D journey, attracting buyers and renters no matter where they are.

Step 1 Choose Address

Step 2: Tailor Your Tour Customize your scan to suit your listing’s unique flair. Whether it’s for sales, property management, or commercial interests, select the size that matches your property and tell us how we can step inside—be it through a lockbox, a friendly on-site greeting, or key collection.

Step 2 Choose your booking type

Step 3: Bundle Up Your Experience Here’s where the magic happens. Pick from our suite of package bundles designed to showcase your property in its best light. Want more? Just add on any extra features that will make your virtual tour stand out.

Step 3 Select your packages

Step 4: Lock In Your Launch Set the stage for your property’s digital debut. Choose a date and time that fits your schedule, and we’ll be there to make sure your listing shines online, ready to draw in a crowd of eager viewers.

Step 4 Choose your date

Account Setup

Welcome to the initial phase of setting up your account on the Little Hinges platform! This section is dedicated to establishing the foundation of your profile, ensuring that your virtual property tours are not only professional but also echo the unique branding of your agency. By customizing your account to reflect your agency’s identity, you’ll create a more cohesive and recognizable experience for your clients.

Branding Section

Agency Logo Upload: Begin by uploading your agency’s logo. For the best visual results, we recommend using a transparent .png file. This step is crucial, as your logo represents your brand’s identity and will be prominently displayed in your virtual tours.

Color Customization: Next, you have the freedom to select your agency’s primary and secondary colors. You can do this easily using our intuitive color picker tool. If you have specific brand colors, you can also enter their HEX codes for precise matching. This personalization ensures that the color scheme of your tours aligns with your agency’s branding.

Previewing Your Tour Overlay: After setting up your logo and color scheme, our platform provides a live preview of what your tour overlay will look like. This allows you to see in real-time how your branding elements will integrate with the virtual tour, ensuring everything looks exactly as you want it before going live.

Organisation Settings

Overlay Customisation

The Overlay Customisation section allows you to tailor the presentation of your Matterport virtual tours, enhancing the user experience and engagement. By customising the overlay, you create a more interactive and informative tour that aligns with your agency’s objectives and branding.

Features for Customization

Highlight Reel Addition: Elevate your virtual tours by adding a highlight reel. This feature showcases key areas of the property in a sleek, easily navigable format. It’s an excellent tool for emphasizing the best features and ensuring potential clients don’t miss any highlights.

360-Degree Dollhouse View with Tags: Enhance the 360-degree dollhouse view by incorporating informative tags. These tags can provide additional details about specific areas or features within the property, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the space.

360-Degree Tags Inside the Tour: Apart from the dollhouse view, you can also include 360-degree tags within the tour itself. These tags can be strategically placed to give more context or information about particular aspects of the property, enriching the overall viewing experience.

Guided Tour with Play Button: Implement a guided walkthrough feature by adding a play button. This allows viewers to experience a curated tour, guiding them through the property in a logical, story-like progression. It’s a fantastic way to engage viewers and provide a structured viewing experience.

Custom Call-to-Action Buttons: Create and integrate custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons within your tour overlay. These buttons can be used to encourage viewers to take specific actions, like contacting your agency, scheduling a visit, or accessing more information about the property. Customisable in both design and function, these buttons are a powerful tool for converting viewers into potential clients.

Overlay Customisation

Analytics & Insights

Our analytics and insights system offers you a deep dive into the digital footprint of your property tours. You can now track:

  • Where viewers are inspecting from
  • Number of unique, engaged, and repeat visitors
  • Identify the most popular rooms in each tour using heatmaps

This system doesn’t just provide data; it offers a comprehensive timeline of your tour’s performance, allowing you to understand and adapt to viewer behaviors and preferences. Additionally, these insights are compiled into detailed reports, which agents can share with their vendors, showcasing the digital success and reach of their properties.

Embracing the Future with Little Hinges

Now is the time to step into the future with Little Hinges. Whether you’re looking to elevate your property listings, gain valuable insights, or simply streamline your marketing process, our platform is your key to success. Don’t just take our word for it—experience the difference yourself.

Start your journey today. Sign up, explore, and transform the way you market properties with Little Hinges


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