How To Use A 3D Virtual Tour



Welcome to your virtual inspection presented by Little Hinges

To start the inspection, simply click in the direction of your choice to navigate throughout the property.

Click, Hold, and drag to view the property at any 360 degree angle

Feel free to use your mouse to zoom in, or out – or your arrow keys for easier navigation.

We provide a 360 degree view of a property. Click on a 360 degree icon to get a glimpse of the outside of the property

To continue your virtual inspection, click on the person icon.

Measurement Tool

Our measurement tool provides you with the ability to measure any space within the property – correct to the millimetre.

To start, click the ruler icon on the lower left hand side of the tour.

Select the plus sign to activate the tool.

Once activated, click on your first point of measure and then move to your second point of measure.

We typically see agents and tenants using the measurement tool for a variety of things, such as to see whether their fridge will fit or not.

You can measure multiple points in the room, and as a tip – it’s best to stand front on to what you’re trying to measure.

To exit the ruler mode, select the X button in the top right corner.

Doll House & Floorplan:

The dollhouse and floor plan selections allow you to view the property in a 360 degree 3D view, which is our dollhouse, or a birds-eye 3D view, which is our floorplan.

These are found in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

You can navigate to certain rooms by clicking on the desired floor space, or room

Last but not least, If you’d like to navigate to a particular 360 degree view, or room, select your desired space by clicking on the image slide located at the bottom of your tour. This doubles as a highlight reel, allowing viewers to simply press “play” and watch through the property highlights, similar to a video playthrough.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to navigate this virtual tour. If you would like to book in a Virtual Tour for your property or listings, please call 1300 2665 88 (13000 BOOK VT) or visit


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