How to Make Sure Your Agent Is Getting You The Best Possible Price For Your Property


Choosing an agent can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to selling your home, but there are some things you can do to ensure you’re working with someone who will get you the highest price in the shortest time possible.

We’ve put together a list of questions to ask potential agents that will help you assess whether the agent sitting in front of you is the right one to manage the sale of what is likely your biggest asset.

3 Questions to Ask A Prospective Agent

How will you generate the most amount of competition for my property, generating me the highest possible offers in the shortest time?

It’s basic economics, more competition = higher prices. If more people are bidding on your property, the higher your ultimate sales price will be. In order to generate more competition, your agent needs to make sure your property is inspect-able by as many people as possible, which means the agents still relying on the Saturday morning open home are missing a trick. If your agent isn’t encouraging you to add a virtual tour to your marketing suite as a minimum, they aren’t opening your property up to every potential buyer, and they’re asking you to leave money on the table.

How will you open my property to interstate and international buyers?

Little Hinges’ recent report on Interstate and International Buyer Trends in the Australian Property Market revealed that in January 2022, an average of 30% of those inspecting property in a given area were not based in the state the property is located in, and 7% of those inspecting a property were based overseas. In order for interstate and international buyers to feel confident to place their best bid, they need to be able to inspect the property on their terms, and with full transparency, which is only possible with a millimetre accurate virtual tour. If your agent isn’t insisting on a virtual tour, these interstate and international buyers are excluded from a potential purchase, meaning you might be missing out on higher offers.

How are you using data to refine your approach to marketing my property?

Lots of agents have a tried and true methodology for selling a property, but an agent who is open to refining their approach based on data is who you really want in your corner. Little Hinges virtual tours provide agents with an Insights Dashboard that shares where potential buyers are inspecting from, what sections of the property are most interesting to potential buyers and how many people are looking at the property more than once. All of these insights can help frame your IRL marketing strategy, and ensure you’re getting the highest possible price for your property.

Want to point your agent in the right direction? Ask them to book a virtual tour for your property today.


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