2022 Trends in Proptech | Event Wrap Up

Little Hinges brought together some of the real estate industry’s most innovative to talk about the future of proptech into 2022 and beyond. The purpose of the session was to help those in the industry…

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Little Hinges brought together some of the real estate industry’s most innovative to talk about the future of proptech into 2022 and beyond. The purpose of the session was to help those in the industry understand what trends you need to be tapping into, while also taking proptech off it’s pedestal and getting more real estate professionals leveraging proptech to amplify the way they do business.

Some of the key themes discussed included:

  • The importance of implementation and adoption – why now is the time for the industry to stop putting proptech on a pedestal and focus on implementation?
  • Interstate migration continues to be a huge trend for 2022, how can real estate agents leverage this using technology?
  • The importance of data – why the agents who will succeed moving forward will understand the importance of data, where to access it, how to leverage it.
  • Consumer purchasing trends – consumers are looking for transparency, ease, and digital transactions across all areas of their lives, including when it comes to purchasing property. How can real estate agents stay abreast of consumer sentiment, and how can they make sure they are giving consumers what they want rather than forcing them to adapt to an antiquated way of doing business?

Watch the webinar below.


Isaac Coonan – Isaac is the founder of Proptech BNE., a community platform supporting the development of the property technology community in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland by being a centralised point of information and a conduit for connections between the property industry and the proptech sector.

Josh Callaghan – Josh is the CEO and Co-founder of Little Hinges, who are revolutionizing the way we interact with physical spaces and simplifying property transactions for all Australians. From lead generating virtual tours in real estate to large scale asset management and everything in between, Little Hinges is enabling never-before-possible access and interaction with property, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Peter Schravemade – Peter is an international educator/speaker in Property, Construction and Development Marketing. Peter brings over twenty years of property sales, property management, brokerage ownership/management and property leasing experience, adds a pinch of technology and mixes it all together with a background in digital marketing. Formerly the global director of sales, marketing and revenue at BoxBrownie, Peter revolutionized the way the property industry approached their marketing.

Leanne Sorby – Leanne is the National Sales Manager at Rental Heroes, a property management software using the latest artificial intelligence technology to handle tenant issues and enquiries. Leanne is passionate about innovative technology and building trusted relationships with my clients to understand their business, all while streamlining processes to increase their overall efficiencies.

Katie Cotton – Katie is the Chief Growth Officer at Ray White and works to develop strategic plans to drive growth for the leading network in the state. Focussing on retention, recognition and recruitment within the network, Katie is talking to agents on a daily basis and is uniquely positioned to understand their challenges and the opportunities they are keen to leverage.

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