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Sales Sight Unseen Report | August 2023

Sight Unseen | Interstate & International Trends in the Australian Property Market,

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The Wrap Up

  • Overall, August saw a slight drop in the average interstate sales inspections from 28.9% to 27.2%. That’s over 1 in 4 sales inspections around the country coming from outside the state the property is located in.
  • The Sunshine Coast has overtaken the Gold Coast, with 39.2% of all digital inspections coming from interstate. Almost 10% of inspections on the Sunshine Coast are coming from overseas.
  • The Gold Coast is still seeing over a third of all inspections coming from outside the state.
  • Brisbane saw a slight drop to 27% of inspections coming from interstate, while international inspections grew by almost one percent to 6.7%.
  • Melbourne’s interstate inspections dropped slightly, sitting at 22.7%, however this is up from 14.3% in June, almost a 10% increase in 2 months. The percentage of international inspections for VIC is sitting at almost 6%.
  • Sydney’s interstate inspections dropped slightly to 11.7%, while international inspections grew to 4.4%.
  • Perth’s percentages saw a slight decrease to 25.1%, however international inspection percentages remain steady at 7.3%.
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