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Sales Sight Unseen Report | July 2023

Sight Unseen | Interstate & International Trends in the Australian Property Market,

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The Wrap Up

📝 Key Takeaways:

Major cities across Australia saw remarkable growth in interstate inspections, with standout performances from Perth (WA), Melbourne (VIC), and notably, the Gold Coast (QLD). If this trend persists, Perth could soon compete with Southeast Queensland for the prime position in interstate relocations among eager buyers and investors.

📈 The Numbers:

Gold Coast – 40.4% from interstate / 8% from overseas
Sunshine Coast – 36.5% from interstate / 8.7% from overseas
Brisbane – 28.4% from interstate / 5.8% from overseas
Perth – 28.9% from interstate / 7.4% from overseas
Melbourne – 27.2% from interstate / 5.6% from overseas
Sydney – 12.2% from interstate / 4.3% from overseas

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