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This information answers some common questions about Little Hinges, virtual tours, and what we do.

There’s a big difference between superior 3D tours (what we offer) and other options on the market (such as 360degree photos). 3D virtual tours are not only a better visual representation of a property or space, but the user experience and where they can move and explore is greater. Little Hinges provide 3D virtual tours, using the absolute best technology available. 

Want to know about this in more details? We’ve written a blog on the topic. Read it here

Our technicians are highly trained and incredibly effective. Here are a few indications of the time that you can apply to your space: 

  • A typical home of up to 250sqm, single-storey and up to 4 bedrooms will take our technician approximately 60 minutes. 
  • A larger home of up to 400 sqm, two-story, or more than 4 bedrooms may take up to 120 minutes. 
  • A furnished home will take a little longer than an unfurnished home and is included in this expected time frame. 
  • A commercial space will vary, and we can give you an indication of time when you book!

We would be delighted to scan your property and would only take a small amount of time to speak to you about the exact size, layout and features of the space. This is so that we can quote and allocate the correct time. We have completed numerous large home and large space scans and welcome you to take a tour to see the quality of our scans.

Experience a ‘large home’ scan here: 36 Mariner Court, Newport

Experience a ‘large space’ scan here: Sebel – Rooftop Terrace

No special lighting is required at all! The exceptional technology we use can balance dark and light areas. Our technicians are also highly trained to work with various lighting situations to create the best virtual tour and representation for your space. 

We capture both inside and outside of properties. While our 3D scanner is designed for indoor use only (as direct sunlight can interfere with the infrared scanners used to capture the space in 3D), we have alternative technology for outdoor spaces. Our technician can explain this to you in detail if needed but rest assured your virtual tour will include indoor and outdoor experience should you wish. 

No, the 3D showcase captures the property as-is with no editing available. This is one of the reasons why it is considered as the most trusted digital viewing option available. Remember though, the scan will present your property with exceptional quality due to the technology and light balancing features. 

Little Hinges are virtual tour specialists with technicians and customer support staff experienced in a wide range of industries. 

We have a real estate specialty team – expert in all areas of residential and commercial real estate – as well as a commercial and industrial team with vast experience in scanning private and Government spaces including art galleries, museums, tourism and recreational spaces, schools, and many more. 

Simply follow this link to our booking page on our website or call us on 07 3193 5323 and we will happily assist you.

Only to provide access to our technician! We will do the rest. 

To ensure the quality of your scan, we request that the building is completely vacated of all people and pets during the scan. Each 3D scan can pick up the smallest movement of people, even in adjoining rooms, including reflections and shadows. We need the property to be completely vacant during this time to ensure there are no people (or pets!) showing in the final tour.

It’s vital to advise other family or team members that we will be there so they can leave us clear to create some magic, too!

To get the very best scan of your space, we recommend taking a few small steps to prepare the area for scanning. 

  • The property should be as presentable as possible. The scan shows every detail of the property in 4K resolution, so check for cleanliness and tidiness. We also strongly suggest you remove anything personal from all open areas of the home. 
  • Place valuables, family photos and personal items with your details on them in cupboards and drawers. 
  • Before your appointment time, please open all internal doors, turn on all internal lights and set curtains and blinds in the position you wish them to be viewed in the tour. 

That’s it. Super easy.

‘Fast Facts’ are points in the 3D scan you may wish highlight as a feature or area of significance. These are useful tags allowing the viewer to click on the round icon and open a pop up with a short text description of the tagged feature, object or area or a media link. A great way to showcase those important areas of the property or provide extra information. 

It is ideal to have the pets secured before the technician’s arrival. Dogs must be restrained (both for the finished product quality and the safety of our techs) and out of sight at all times. Our technicians require access to external areas of the home as well as all areas inside. The finished virtual tour (including the ‘dolls house’ view) will only include what our techs are able to scan.

We can skip a room if desired by keeping the door closed at all times. Please note however, that this prevents us from creating an accurate dollhouse view and floor plan of the property. Ultimately, we’re happiest when you are happy, so if you would prefer us to skip a room, close the door and we will respect your wishes. 

Scans must be paid for prior to the appointment by credit card or direct debit. This can be entered at the time of booking, or you can call us and we can process the card over the phone. 

For businesses, we can invoice clients with a successful completion of a credit application form. A credit card number is required at the time of booking as a method of security even if you are to be invoiced at a future date. Payment terms are specified on the invoice. 

We will have the completed 3D showcase delivered to you within 24 hours of the scan being completed. 

A schematic floorplan (if ordered) will be delivered within 72 hours of the scan being completed. 

We were born in the South East Queensland region and cover this area entirely. We are also rapidly expanding and will be covering more and more locations around Australia every day. 

In fact, we are so committed to your scan that we have the largest amount of both scanners and spaces (where your scan is stored) in the entire Southern Hemisphere. 

Residential real estate hosting is available for 6 months (incl. in the initial cost of the scan) with an option to extend hosting for an additional fee of AU$10 per month to suit the sale of the home.

Commercial hosting is available for 12 months (incl. in the initial cost of the scan) with a yearly subscription of AU$120 thereafter. 

Please refer to our full terms and conditions for more information.

So simply! You will be provided with a website link that hosts your property scan. Anyone with the link can then experience your virtual tour including friends, family, and you can post on social media sites and more. A

Real estate agents can upload the link to most real estate portals such as and domain. 

Little Hinges can also supply you with an embed link for adding the tour directly to your website at no extra charge. 

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