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3-IN-1 PM Pack Only $299

Level Up Your Listings
  • 3D Virtual Tour + 10 Images + Floorplan.
  • Attract new landlords.
  • Execute top quality marketing.
  • Allow instant inspections anytime, anywhere.
  • Save time on site visits.
  • Don't pay for a separate photographer.​

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what's included

The $299 PM offer at a glance

Join 1,600+ of Australia's leading real estate agents

We work with leading real estate agencies to help over 5 million people inspect property digitally per year. Little Hinge's has grown to become Australia's largest virtual inspection platform.

Why Our Virtual Tours aren't just Virtual Tours

  • Accurate to the millimetre – use the tour for entry and exit reports.

  • Tenants can use the measurement tool – like whether the fridge will fit and for repairs.

  • Trades can quote a repair/install without you need to organise access.

  • Tours are time stamped – use them as a digital condition report.

  • 7 days a week technician availability.

  • Your PM team can answer specific questions when they can’t remember the details.

  • Next business day turnaround.

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